Glow In The Dark Lanyards

Not only the printed logo could be glow in the dark, we have a special webbing strap could glow in the dark too, below are some picture for your reference. All of our lanyards are custom made, welcome to contact us for your lanyard requirement.

Glow In The Dark Webbing Strap

Glow in the dark lanyard
Left side is under the light, right side is in the dark, you can see the webbing strap will glow in the dark.

Glow In The Dark Webbing Strap Lanyard

Glow in the dark lanyard
Lanyard made by glow in the dark webbing strap, the logo printing has glow in the dark effect too

Glow in the dark lanyard
See the glow effect in the dark, strap and printing are both glow

More Glow In The Dark Lanyards

Quality Lanyards

We are committed to providing high quality lanyards to our customers, we have our own webbing machines, use good quality fabric and matreial, we care about the printing is firmly linked to our lanyards, because that is your company's image and logo.

Our price is worth for its value, please don't compare our price with others' product with poor quality. We build long term relationship with customers, include many famous firms worldwides, any request of lanyards are welcome, thank you very much.

Attachment Options

Metal hook, Plastic buckle, safety break-away buckle, ID card holder, alligator clip, egg hook, oval hook, carabine hook, mobile phone buckle...etc. We can add attachment as your request.

Custom Made Service

We are specialised in all kinds of lanyard, include PVC lanyard, nylon lanyard, cellphone strap, neck strap, identification lanyard, bottle lanyard, glasses strap, tube lanyard, reflective lanyard, satin lanyard, fashing lanyard, bling rhinestone lanyard..etc. All of our lanyards are custom made, welcome to contact me for your custom require of lanyard products.

China Lanyard Manufacturer

Hisoka is lanyards manufacturer and supplier located in Yiwu, China. We design and produce polyester lanyard, imprinted lanyard in China. Our mobile phone lanyard , lanyard usb flash , carabiner lanyard, led lanyard, lanyard flash sell well in Europe and North America. Our company are famous as a professional lanyards manufacturer all over the world.

What do you think about our reflective lanyards?

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Glow In The Dark Lanyards


We are a professional lanyard manufacturer located in China, offers a variety of custome lanyards, mobile phone lanyards, bottle holder straps, luggage belts, pet collars, dog leashes, and shoelaces.
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